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Semi Permanent Makeup

Imagine the convenience of starting the day with your Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip colour or Lip liner already in place with Semi Permanent Make Up!

Imagine the freedom and increased self confidence of knowing that your particular make up preference is permanent.

Semi Permanent make up lasts up to 2-3 years, often longer. You can sleep, swim, perspire, cry, wash and touch your face and your makeup remains in place. No more smudging.

Semi Permanent makeup is also referred to as “Cosmetic Tattoo”, or “Micro Pigmentation”. It is the perfect solution for your make up needs.




Microblading is a technique that will transform your brows, providing colour, depth and shape. Say goodbye to smudged eyes and hello to perfect brows. If you have thin eyebrows, over-plucked or have suffered from Alopecia, then this treatment is perfect for you. It is also known as ‘eyebrow embroidery, etching or feathering’. It involves a a manual deposition of pigments under the top layer of the skin using a special blade holder pen.

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Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Thicker, darker lashes and more defined eyes make a difference to your whole face but creating the look with ordinary makeup can be difficult and it’s easy to overdo it. Permanent eye make up is the perfect solution, giving you professional makeup results that stay put and don’t need to be painstakingly removed every night. There’s no smudging, no running. It’s swim-proof, shower proof, gym proof and survives the saddest movies in style!

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3D Eyebrow Feathering

The original method for enhancing your Eyebrows. Eyebrow feathering allows us to create crisp, fine hair strokes that fill in thin brows, brows with bald spots, total brow reconstruction and even alopecia. This procedure involves weaving microscopic simulated hair strokes among your natural ones, giving your brows lift and definition. It does not require your entire eyebrow to be shaved nor does it damage your natural hair.

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Luscious Lips

Our Luscious Lip treatment involves the use of Semi Permanent makeup which achieves a perfect shaped and tinted lip without a border, giving you shapely, full, sensual lips 24 hours a day…effortlessly. Soft mineral pigments are infused onto your lips with an airbrush effect so all you need to do is add a dab of lip gloss and you’re good to go!

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Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch Marks can be removed when we stimulate natural collagen and regeneration in the body. This will make your skin look and feel younger. Our pain free microneedling treatment does exactly that with results in just a few days. This treatment is also backed by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and comes with a FREE consultation and health check.

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Non Laser Tattoo Removal

Designing faces use a unique method involving the use of tattoo ink extraction, which is designed to completely remove your tattoo ink pigments from the body. The treatment has been extensively researched, developed and tested for over ten years, and in use worldwide for over eight years. It is a safe and effective way of removing a tattoo without the use of laser treatment.

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Special Offers on PhiLings Anti Ageing and Scar Reduction Treatments

Do you have unwanted Acne Scars? We are currently offering some great savings on Acne Scar removal treatments and packages. We use Phil Lings. A revolutionary Microneedle treatment from Germany that is proven to decrease the visible appearance of acne scars. The treatment involves small microneedles penetrating the skin, which stimulates natural collagen production and regeneration.

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"I had my microblading done two days ago and I absolutely love my new eyebrows, Ella was very professional and a really lovely person would highly recommend!"

Bianca Mirela Serban ✭✭✭✭✭

Absolutely amazed with my eyebrows!! I love them, thank you so much Ella! X

Cally Hocking ✭✭✭✭✭

"What a life changing procedure!! Such a talented you are Ella Thank you so very much for making me feel and look beautiful xxx Will definitely see you again soon!"

Mely Mecani Breathe ✭✭✭✭✭

"I had my lips done by Ella, thank you very much. They look amazing and shape is perfect..Highly recommended. Thank you Ella. Looking forward to get my eyebrow done."

Eliza Miron ✭✭✭✭✭

Samantha - Solihull ✭✭✭✭✩

"Thanks again for my new brows, I have had non stop positive comments, everyone loves them. You have saved me time in the morning, no more drawing on my brows."

Teresa Bell - Birmingham ✭✭✭✭✩

"Thank you ! What a sensational result! You have excellent style sense, a good eye for design and a truly artistic approach to your cosmetic tattooing"